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Chic and fashionable shirts. Your smart outfit from AM to PM.

Jewel-Tees is a brand of t-shirts for the modern woman. It is made for the woman who lives multiple lives: Home - Work – Kids etc. Jewel-Tees takes you through your day with effortless chicness. The tee's are luxurious, cut from Pima cotton and embellished with pure Swarovski crystals. Stunning ancient motifs made modern were inspired from ancient jewellery, temples, tapestry and nature. All come together on a simple tee.

The t-shirt is our canvas

The embellished motifs work as a beautiful accessory so there is no need to further accessorize. Your look is complete, it's a t-shirt with a jewel. The colours are vibrant in this collection, free spirited to nurture your senses and energize the hero in you. Personalized cuts for the woman who loves craftsmanship and appreciates the energy that was put into creating it. The t-shirts have been designed and produced in the EU.


Inspiring motives on the best quality cotton t-shirt

The inspiration for Jewel-Tee's is the Jewel-Kid, and through my t-shirts, I want to create awareness for the handicapped child and young adult. The Jewel-Tee woman at the end of the day wants more than anything to make a difference in the world she lives in. Our present is their future. "Kindness matters" is our motto. Read more about the Jewel Kid Foundation.

A versatile T-shirt

These beautiful, worry-free Tees with their embellished necklines are glamorous additions to your wardrobe.

Forget the morning hassle, get ready for work with a Jewel-Tee and a tailored skirt. In the evening you can accentuate the crystals by wearing combining jewellery and if it's for a casual occassion, combine it with your favorite pair of jeans and you're ready to go!