My precious jewel is the Jewel-Tees inspiration source


The inspiration for Jewel-Tees began with my son. He was my precious Jewel, pure and beautiful with a big smile that would light up a room. Tragically he passed away, but he remains unforgettable. Jewel-Tees is dedicated to him and all challenged kids like him. They are my heroes.

In memory of my son and in honour of him and all challenged children in the world, I have founded The Jewel-Kids Foundation. Jewel-Tees wants to reach out and bring a spark of joy to the challenged kids and young adults by focussing on their free time. We plan to create fun-filled activities at regular intervals, to make them feel loved and special. The foundation hopes to create a Jewel-kid day and to carry out their Jewel-wishes. Making a difference in their lives, that is what Jewel-Tees is about. Please join us.


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