Crack of dawn, Monday morning madness, the luxury of time doesn't exist & minutes are fleeting by. You want to look smart, feel comfortable and look well put-together, and you wish by some stroke of genius you had 5 office appropriate outfits laid out for you. At Jewel-tees we have the look sorted out for you and can help put the feeling of panic behind you and set the tone for a successful worry-free feel-good week.

To help kick off the week pick any one-of-a-kind motif Jewel-tee, the intention was to create not just a garment but a garment with a 'jewel' in it.

The embellished motif is constructed carefully with just enough crystals and brilliance so you remain memorable.  Play around and match the Floral Medalion with a pencil skirt to create a sophisticated vibe for Monday, or your fav wide-legged jeans with a J-tee Crystal-Leaves, for a relaxed holiday weekend.

J-Tee has the perfect tee for every day of the week and remember; once you have your Jewel-tee on you're already embellished!

No worries, no -stress, no speeding around for the right accessories. Just don't forget the formula, a Jewel-tee + tailored jeans + heels or a Jewel-tee + asymmetric skirt + sandals, and you're good to go. Saves you a whole lot of time in the mornings.