The common factor is simplicity and strength. It's not a matter of updating your closet, it's about getting everything into sync with each other, your mind, your body and soul.


Be strong and know yourself, know what makes you feel comfortable and also what looks good on you, and so you will become confident in your mind and soul and that will show in how you look, a strong confident person!

Your style, your clothes, the colors and shapes you love are a reflection of who you are, and what goes on inside your mind. For the most part it's an unconscious act we do every day, some days it’s a bit of a drag, same old, same old, but sometimes when you put a bit of thought into it and put on something, you love, and add another piece and maybe also your fav boots, it all comes together and it feels like magic. When it all clicks together and it feels just right, that’s when you know you’re in sync with all your other parts, your body, your soul and your mind. When you dress right, and feel right you look good, then you can look at yourself and say YES that’s me, and go conquer the world and make it a better place. That’s what clothes should do to you, this is what the outside world sees. If you love vintage, wear vintage, if it's baggy pants do baggy pants and make it sync, or like me, I’m in a Jewel-tee and a high waisted trouser with knee high boots and I feel in SYNC!