At first, when you learn that your child is handicapped, you instinctively feel something break inside of you, and it is for this little imperfect soul, coming into this perfect world where everyone is obsessed with being perfect. But as you live and learn with this precious being and begin to see life thru his eyes things change, and you feel hope.

At first, I felt very protective of him shielding him from people that started or looked at him strangely, but he unbelievably won their hearts over without saying a word, (as he couldn’t talk) but with his beautiful radiant smile. This he shared with everyone and made a ton of friends. He travelled the world, business class, since he was too spastic to sit, always with the same airline, and soon the pilots and attendants got to know him, and at the end of the flight, the pilot would always come out and ask if he had a comfortable flight and say that “it was a pleasure to serve you”. To which he would reply with the biggest smile.

It wasn’t all easy, there was a lot of heartbreak and pain, but one of the hardest things was I think being imperfect in a perfect world. But he was my hero, he lived his life as best he could and fought his battles and conquered his foes, at the school that he attended he was awarded a certificate that I will share with you, it stated he had “The Greatest Smile and Personality.”