Quality is subjective and doesn't always have to be materialistic, but for sure it always gets a positive reaction.

It could be something simple like waking up in the morning after a good night's rest and feeling ‘wow that was a good sleep’. A quality sleep is so important your whole day hangs on it! Warm sunshine versus cold sunshine is something everyone loves and appreciates but takes for granted.

We need more quality appreciation in our lives, not just material quality because it fills you up with a feeling that money just can’t buy. Buy yourself a pair of shoes and yes it does feel good for the first couple of hours, days and then what? But being able to hear the birds twitter or take a minute to watch the sun setting, that’s a high that will be with you for a long time.

At Jewel-Tees we appreciate all of the elements we work with, the brilliance of the stones and crystals, the colors of the fabric that are specially dyed for us, and the thought behind every motif.

We appreciate quality in all things natural and material. What we wear should blend in with the beauty of nature around us in harmony and create wellness.

Try the t-shirt with soft glowing crystals in ‘glowing pendant’ motif in Sienna, or ‘floral medallion' in white, every garment is created for the woman who appreciates good craftsmanship and care.