She has your back!

Has anyone recently felt lucky? Or maybe crossed paths with someone who made you go Wow! Well that happened to me a few weeks ago, this person, she’s animated, high energy, and when she speaks to you she’s supercharged and explodes with positive energy that can send you all the way to outer space, and bring you back with renewed positive vibes.( Are you curious?)


She has been coaching me for the last two weeks and although we have totally different lives, the energy and thought process of another person is enough to put you back on the right track if by chance you may have fallen off.

So guys if you’re stuck or need a guiding hand, go find yourself a coach, yes she’s my coach, and get back on track, and don’t listen to talk about “startup moms” that put you down. The road to our success is not always smooth, but it's out there and if you feel strongly about starting something, and you have the potential don’t let anything stop you.

Here at Jewel-Tees we create Tees that empower women, the embellished motifs help make dressing easier, so you don’t waste time accessorizing, it’s a t-shirt with a Jewel in it!

So, guys, I’m asking you, are you stuck or living in a box? There are times you need to look at things from another angle or get help from a coach to get you to the next level.

Does anyone have your back?